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Valli featured on The Rachael Ray Show!

October 12, 2021​r-food-to-families-impacted-by-the-pandemic-teaches-kids-about

Chef Q Serves 5-Star Food to Families Impacted by the Pandemic Teaches Kids About Sustainability 

Meet Chef Q. Ibraheem from Chicago. An executive chef, she also trains youth in culinary art and teaches urban agriculture. "We actually execute a free farm-to-fork chef camp for the kiddos," Chef Q says. During the pandemic, Chef Q founded Kids with Co-Workers—a free meal program for kids with families financially impacted by Covid-19. 

"When school closed, my first thought was, a lot of these kids get free lunch. For a lot of children in America, that free lunch may be their only well-rounded, balanced, healthy meal for the day. So the first thing I did was call some of the social service agencies that I work with. I used my support system so we could support our community. Everyone jumped in...and that's where Kids with Co-Workers was developed. This was a community effort," Q says. "The first thing I wanted to do was make sure that everyone was served with dignity. The food is always 5-star quality food. It's beautiful, it's delicious." 

To help Q continue to fight food insecurity in her community, our friends at Valli Produce are donating $10,000 to Kids with Co-Workers. 

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